Peel Region Science Fair

April 23-24, 2018

The University of Toronto at Mississauga (UTM)



The many awards, scholarships, and cash prizes are provided by the generous donations of our sponsors.

Successful projects attempt to use science to make a positive contribution to society.  These projects demonstrate characteristics a study, innovation, and experiment.  It is the responsibility of the participant to communicate the merits of the project to the judges.  Each presentation includes, but is not limited to the following:

1. Relevance - importance of project (commercial, industrial, environmental, health and safety)
2. Hypothesis - logical presentation of evidence to be collected in the investigation
3. Research and scientific experimentation
4. Analysis and logical conclusions
5. Discussion - unbiased evaluation of solution
6. Relate this project to the relevance of the project to society

The judges are all volunteers from industry, sponsors, local universities and colleges, and teachers.  As such, judges will have varying levels of expertise in your particular area of study.  Be prepared to explain the project to judges that are experts in the field and to judges that require a more detailed explanation.  Each judge's score is weighted equally in your final project mark.  Be courteous, patient, and respectful to all of the judges!

Divisional Awards

All of the project at the Peel Region Science Fair are evaluated by a minimum number of judges.  Their individual scores are compiled to give each project a final mark.  The mark is used to rank all projects in the science fair by judging division (junior - grade 7/8, intermediate - grade 9/10, and senior - grade 11/12).  Each division is awarded multiple medals and cash prizes

Gold $160
Silver $120
Bronze 100

The projects with two participants will each receive a medal and will share the prize money.

Special awards

Special awards are provided by specific sponsors promoting different fields in science and engineering.  The sponsor of the award or judging committee short-list all projects that meet the criteria for each individual award.  The highest ranked project on the short-list receives the award.  In the event that no project at the fair meet the criteria of the award, the award will be recognized at the awards ceremony, but will not be presented to a project.

Individual Achievement

All students with a judge's combined score of 80% or greater will be acknowledged at the awards ceremony with an honourable mention certificate.

Canada Wide Science Fair

Every project at the Peel Region Science Fair will be ranked regardless of judging division.  Students from the top ranked projects will be given the opportunity to represent our region at the Canada Wide Science Fair  (  This award is fully funded by the generous support of our sponsors (Hatch Ltd, Youth Science Ontario, Canadian Nuclear Society, and Rotary Club of Mississauga West).  In case of a top ranked project with 2 participants with only 1 space left on the Canada Wide Science Fair Team, the next highest ranked project with an individual will receive the opportunity.

Special thanks to our sponsors for cash donations awarded to students and sponsorship of finalists in the Region of Peel to the Canada-Wide Science Fair.

Many thanks as well to our volunteers for their hard work in putting the fair together.