Peel Region Science Fair

April 23-24, 2018

The University of Toronto at Mississauga (UTM)



Download the 2018 Teacher Information Package

Teachers and school administrators, please note the information on page 3 of the Teacher package. This policy has not changed, but is now included for your reference. In order for students to complete their registration for the Canada-Wide Science Fair, the student's school or school board must commit to reimburse PRSF for the registration cost ($1800) which has been paid by PRSF in escrow.

Youth Science Canada has produced a comprehensive guide for students who want to take their science fair projects to the next level.  It's called the Ultimate Canadian Science Fair Resource and you can access it here.

The Peel Region Science Fair (PRSF) is a unique opportunity to promote project based science for the youth of today. This science exhibition is one of nearly 100 fairs across Canada and 27 across Ontario that celebrates the work of young scientists and recognizes excellence in their research and innovation.


Each school is able to enter 6 student projects per division (junior, intermediate, or senior) and must have at least one judge from the school participate at the Peel Region Science Fair.

Students who participated in last year's Peel Region Science Fair received an invitation to participate this year. These student alumni must have their projects approved by an appropriate supervisor (teacher or mentor). The alumni's projects may be included, by your discretion, as an addition to your school team of 6 projects per division.